Monday, November 15, 2010

In Loving Memory of Ghost Riders MG - MC Singapore

Love, Honour & Respect.
(Red,White and Silver)

This patch is frame to be reminded of the hard earn three patch and the brotherly support to earn a 1%er today.

Members : Charlie (Founder and President), Eddie (VP), TJ(RC-Tres), Alfian, Dennis(Sec), Titus(Sgt-@-Arms), Sleazefunk(Webmaster), Fendi, Shawal, Bobo, Shortee, Mamat, As, Charly,Hafiz, Abang, Adik, Rill, Bob and more...

In mid 2005 - GRMG was a hang around chapter of Bandidos MC Europe and in 2006 all members are officially a member of 1%er Bandidos MC Probationary Singapore Chapter.

P.S: Ghost Rider MC was resurrected with a Red and Gold colours with a selected true few new crew some previously from Iron Chariots Org in 2007. Members are : Bad,Rizan,Yazid,Adi and Fifi. The Member grew and span to Melaka- Malaysia with a total member of thirteen.

GRMC was officially announced of its closure in 2010.

GRMG and GRMC patch will forever be sewn in our heart.

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